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Hendon Study

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Main Study during striping out.

Items seen in these photos were moved out of the room and into the client’s garage.

As you can see in these photos we bolted a new joist to the existing joist as the existing joist was cut short from the wall and left by previous builders.

we used soundblock plasterboard and a rubber matting to soundproof the wall between rooms and insulated the outside wall to help keep in heat.

Room Painted on walls and ceiling ready for fitting units.

Finished job after units, doors and final decorating.

Hendon Study Project in detail:

As you can see in the pictures above we striped the room back bare before starting to work on it, we then removed any old floor boards and pulled out all existing pipework and cut joists were the new pipework is going to be placed.

We also found a slight problem with one of the existing joists and made sure we let the client know about it immediately and got the problem sorted as soon as possible! As you can see in one of the photos a joist had been cut out by previous builders and left short of the wall, it should not have been left like this, so we bolted a new joist to it to give it the strength it needed back.

Once the joist work and pipework was finished we screwed down existing floor boards and some new ones leaving access boards to shut off valves and services in case of an emergency.

You will notice in one of the pictures there is blue (soundblock) plasterboard being fitted on a black rubber matting, this was done to act as a sound proof barrier to the room next door. A 50mm thick black rubber gets stuck to the wall with a special spray then two layers of soundblock plasterboard get stuck to the rubber matting, we done this because the user of this study edits films and does not want to disturb the household with noise.

We also insulated the outside wall which helps keep in heat and also stops sound travel a little bit, You can see this in several pictures.

We then moved onto plastering the room. As you may or may not know plastering can be a messy job, but we make sure our plasterer keeps the room as clean as possible throughout the job. Keeping the clients house clean from start to finish is something we take into great consideration.

After plastering we sat down with the client to choose a paint colour and after going through many samples we ended up using green, then getting straight on to painting the ceiling and walls.

Once painting was finished we started fitting the units, these get delivered to site and then carried to the room by myself and my colleague.

The doors come from a different company and we make sure they are delivered on site and on time during the fitting of the units, they get fitted after the units are in place, fixed and level.

Final touches such as skirting, radiators and lights are fitted after painting/ during fitting the units, once everything is fitted in the room the carpet layers come in and finish the job.